Pulpit Supply

A service of the Presbytery of Prospect Hill it to provide churches a list of supply preachers who lead worship for churches which have no pastor, or when a pastor is away.  Pulpit supply is intended to be a Sunday-by-Sunday relationship.  If a church intends to invite the same preacher for more than four consecutive weeks, Presbytery approval is required through the Commission on Ministry.

The following guidelines are to be used for Pulpit Supply:

  • Pulpit Supply for one service:  $150 + mileage
  • Pulpit Supply for two services on the same day for the same congregation:  $200 + mileage
  • Pulpit Supply for two services on the same day for different congregations:  $150 per service + mileage
  • Moderating a Session or Congregational meeting:  $100 + mileage
  • Mileage is to be reimbursed at the current IRS rate, which is 67.0 cents per mile for 2024.

List updated: 1/1/2024

PPH Pulpit Supply List 1.1.2024

Presbyterian Ministers

Rev. Marshall Brown, HR Carroll, IA
Contact Email
Rev. Ken Fells, HR Schaller, IA
Contact Email
712-279-4702 (H)
712-749-0106 (C)
Rev. Dr. Cambria Kaltwasser Orange City, IA
Contact Email
609-510-3579 (C)

Ministers of Other Denominations
Rev. Kristy May (UCC) Kingsley, IA
Contact Email
Rev. Mark Volkers (RCA, HR) Sioux Falls, SD
Contact Email
Travel Restrictions: 100 miles

Lay Preachers
Lue Baker PC(USA) Ruling Elder
Manning, IA
Contact Email
Bill Crawford PC(USA) Ruling Elder
Glidden, IA
Contact Email
Marj Feltman Paullina, IA
Contact Email
Sue Goebel Glencoe, MN
Contact Email
Would like 3-4 weeks notice
Kathy Knips Grad. Leadership Dev. for Ministry
Lismore, MN
Contact Email
Jean Volkers PC(USA) Ruling Elder/Lay Pastor Training
Sioux Falls, SD
Contact Email
605-271-7564 (H)
605-929-4786 (C)
Travel Restrictions: 90 miles