Missional Witness Committee
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TE Richard Francis, Mod.


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TE Donna Gray At-Large 712-320-3143 Contact Email


RE Sherry Koehler

S. City Faith

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RE Kendall Von Glan

Lake City Union


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TE Beth Hamilton

S. Sioux City First


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RE Amgad Beblawi

Ministry & Mission Exec.

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The Missional Witness Committee
Purpose: This committee exists to both lift up the witness of each congregation of the Presbytery to the good news of Jesus Christ, and to lift up the witness of the Presbytery in our corporate mission to the world. This is in keeping with the understanding of the Church found in the Book of Order:
a) “The Church is to be a community of witness, pointing beyond itself through word and work to the good news of God’s transforming grace in Christ Jesus its Lord.” – F-1.0301
b) “The Church is sent to be Christ’s faithful evangelist:
    1) making disciples of all nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit ;
    2) sharing with others a deep life of worship, prayer, fellowship, and service; and
    3) participating in God’s mission to care for the needs of the sick, poor, and lonely; to free people from sin, suffering, and oppression; and to establish Christ’s just, loving, and peaceable rule in the world.” – F-1.0302d
The Missional Witness Committee will live that out by:
a) Identifying and celebrating the work of each congregation in their ministry beyond their own membership;
b) Providing resources to help each congregation understand their gifts and their opportunities to bear witness to Jesus Christ in their own communities;
c) Helping connect congregations of the Presbytery with each other for joint witness opportunities;
d) Helping connect each congregation to the witness of the Church through the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly; and
e) Challenging the Presbytery in its corporate witness to the love and justice of Jesus Christ.
In its work, the committee will be guided by Scripture; the Confessions of the Church; the Foundations of Presbyterian Polity, Chapter One (Book of Order F-1); and the Mission Statement of the Presbytery.