Committee on Preparation for Ministry
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RE Gwen Detlefsen

Manning First


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TE Cambria Kaltwasser

Northwestern College


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TE Jennifer Olson, Chair

Storm Lake Lakeside

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RE Kathy Francis Carroll First 712-265-1240 Contact Email


TE Jim Edwards

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TE Ian McMullen

Pastor to Presby. 515-450-7534 Contact Email
b. The Committee on Preparation for Ministry* (CPM)
i. Purpose: The purpose of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry is to oversee the preparation of those who are to be ordained as Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (G-2.06) and to have oversight for the training and examination of those who desire to be Commissioned Ruling Elders.
ii. Responsibilities: The Committee on Preparation for Ministry shall:
a) Be in charge of all inquirers and candidates for church vocations and endorse the applications concerning financial aid through the appropriate General Assembly Agency.
b) Have charge of all examinations of candidates taken under care of Presbytery including Commissioned Ruling Elders, and shall carefully counsel the inquirers and candidates concerning the requirements they must meet.
c) Keep an accurate record of the training and progress of the inquirers and candidates under the Presbytery’s care.
d) Oversee the duties assigned to the Presbytery in the Form of Government, (G-2.0605)
e) Oversee the training and preparation of all Commissioned Ruling Elders and make recommendations to the Commission on Ministry regarding their suitability for ministry. The procedures for this process are found in Appendix I.
iii. Membership: The Committee on Preparation for Ministry shall be composed of six members in three classes.