Committee on Budget and Finance
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2023 (1) RE Bill Bruce, Moderator Denison United 608-604-2501 Contact Email
2023 (1) RE Craig Levine  Sioux City First 712-202-3100 Contact Email
2024 (2) RE Mason Goodenow  Battle Creek First 712-369-1332 Contact Email
2024 (2) RE Cyndi Rock-Raasch Odebolt First 712-830-8124 Contact Email
2025 (1) TE Suzanne Wobig Armstrong First & Ringsted First 563-580-7538 Contact Email
Staff TE Annika Lister Stroope Ex Officio 402-492-1636 Contact Email

a) Develop a unified budget — administrative and mission — through allocations of funds requested to achieve the goals of Presbytery.
b) Have management oversight of all the funds of Presbytery, implement, and recommend amendments to the existing fiscal accountability policies of Presbytery.
c) Review and make recommendations to the Council on any elected staff housing loan applications.
d) Have management of Presbytery’s assets and liabilities. These include:
     1) Monitoring insurance guidelines;
     2) Managing investment guidelines;
     3) Recommending modifications in current year’s budget;
     4) Monitoring the use of designated and/or restricted funds of Presbytery;
     5) Reviewing and making recommendations as to purchase, sell, transfer, lease, or encumbrance of Presbytery-owned properties.
     6) Review inventory of all business and communication equipment.
e) Establish procedure for the annual financial review and review of treasurer’s records.
f) Review and make recommendations of all fund-raising campaigns of subsidiary corporations.
g) Review and make recommendations to the Council on all site loan and church loan applications.

Membership: The committee shall consist of six members in three classes.