Commission on Permanent Judicial
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TE Jennifer Olson

Storm Lake Lakeside

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RE Wayne Seaman Glidden First 712-792-5321 Contact Email


RE Michelle Mullins

Carroll First 712-790-9391 Contact Email


TE Mark Bedford Sioux City First 309-644-0794 Contact Email


RE Janine Kock Westside United 712-790-2855 Contact Email


TE Cambria Kaltwasser

Specialized Mn


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RE John Mayne

Sx. City First


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i. Membership: The Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) shall consist of seven members, Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Ruling Elders, as nearly equal as possible in number, in accordance with the Rules of Discipline, (D-5.0100) They shall choose their own moderator and clerk. The term of office shall be six years, and no member shall be eligible for reelection after serving one full six year term until four years has elapsed in accordance with the Rules of Discipline, (D-5.010). Ruling Elder members must be members of a congregation under jurisdiction of this Presbytery. No two Ruling Elder members of the Commission may be from the same congregation.
ii. Staffing: the Stated Clerk shall serve as advisory staff to the PJC but without vote. If the Stated Clerk is unable to act, the Moderator of the Presbytery shall appoint a Stated Clerk from another presbytery to act as advisory staff.
iii. Powers and Responsibilities: the Permanent Judicial Commission shall have the powers and responsibilities assigned to it in the Book of Discipline, (5.0202).