Leadership Council

Composed of Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Stated Clerk, immediate past Moderator, moderators of the COM, CPM, Budget & Finance Committee, Missional Witness Committee, a member of the Joint Personnel Commission, & Presbytery staff.

Bills & Overtures Task Force

Purpose of this Committee is to review amendments from General Assembly to Presbytery, to review overtures from Presbytery to General Assembly, and to make recommendations.

Committee on Budget and Finance

Provides financial and budgetary oversight and guidance to the Presbytery.

Commission on Ministry

Shall serve as a counselor to ministers of Presbytery, and to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers and Presbytery.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Shall oversee the preparation of those who are to be ordained as Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (G-2.06) and to have oversight for the training and examination of those who desire to be Commissioned Ruling Elders.

Committee on Representation

Shall Fulfill the requirements of G-3.0103. This committee reports annually to the Presbytery.

Congregational Vitality

John Coates Memorial Fund Committee

Aid any minister or minister’s dependents covered by the PC (U.S.A.) Pension Plan

Lakeshore Center Ministry Board

Missional Witness Committee

Lift up the witness of each congregation of the Presbytery to the good news of Jesus Christ, and to lift up the witness of the Presbytery in our corporate mission to the world.

Committee on Nominating

To nominate persons to fill all vacancies on continuing committees (except the Nominating Committee), commissions and other bodies that require election by the Presbytery.

Commission on Permanent Judicial

Oversees and supports new church developments, fellowships, new worshiping communities, and other church partnerships by the Presbytery.

Commission on Personnel

Composed of three people from each participating presbytery in the Staffing Model.

Presbyterian Women

Synod Commissioners

Bylaws & Manual of Operations Task Force

Moderator Team

Presbytery Council

Synod of Lakes and Prairies Permanent Judicial Committee